Live Interview!! Women in Engineering | Mechanical & Civil

Brianne from The People Engineer sat down with Jess (STEMinine Vlog) and me to discuss how we got into engineering! We geek out a little bit about our jobs (how cool is combustion engineering?!!) and chat about how we got into our current career paths! What really speaks to me is that we have a […]

galamsey & gold & geochemistry

Today’s Gold When you think of native gold mineral, you generally envision nuggets of gold. Flakes floating through a river… Being six years old and panning in a sand pit at some old timey festival. That vision adequately describes gold found in alluvial deposits… basically, soil along rivers. It’s mined by placer mining (open pit […]

STEMinine Water Resources Vlog!

Hi nerds! Are you following STEMinine yet!? Jess is a badass femme doing her PhD in Zurich in mechanical engineering! On top of her rigorous university schedule, she’s passionate about inspiring girls in STEM–which makes her a superhero to me! She is such an inspiration to me with her enthusiasm, quality content, and all around […]

when am I ever going to use this irl?

I’ve teamed with to answer the age-old question: when am I ever going to use this irl? Even though I’m an engineer, not a mathematician, there have been a handful of times where I’ve sat down spitting out some hardcore math problems. I got excited, I geeked out… I spent way more hours than […]

don’t get burned

“I’m going to try to hit on this redheaded engineer. Think I’m playing with fire?” – a text meant for his friend but instead sent to me…said redhead… The scene: I’m standing at a drilling rig in the middle of a soybean field in North Dakota. This geologist and I had just met each other […]

inundation is the best integration

I started this project with a fitting phrase from our engineering goddess program manager: “Inundation is the best integration.” It’s apt for this project in more ways than one. There is a lot of onboarding to be done–most of which is the fun part. Running around to pump stations that were planned out by Thomas […]

ice-cream because wastewater is cool

ice ice baby After the first week doing back-to-school shenanigans, I found myself… in the ice cream aisle… on the prowl. Anyone else? Just me? Because I’m all about #adulting, I believe that five pints of ice cream is a good sub for dinner three nights in a row. Easy, fast delicious. Prove me wrong. […]

navigating the water resources professional engineering exam

Yup, that’s my seal! I’ve informed all my instagram followers to now call me Miss Andi, PE. You can now call me Miss Andi PE. Unlike 4-year-old me, I will (probably) not cover every square inch of a drumset in stamps. Sorry about that, dad! #PE #stem #stamp #official A post shared by Andromeda DuMont […]

rigging up some fun

I’m working on a geology&geochemistry post and getting ready for some hydrogeology field work! In the meantime, I wanted to show you this video. 😀 Imagine the middle aged white dude is me in about a week! #riglife By the way… the featured picture is a wellhead I took at a site in Texas. The […]

water women #bloodsisters

Today, May 28, is menstrual hygiene day. I bet you weren’t expecting me to say that, huh? #bloodsisters In celebration of the day, let’s trend a hashtag and make some waves in the world. Who are the water women? Well, that’s us. You and me. #waterwomen Y’all who know me know that I LOVE Water For People. […]