bullet journaling & stress

Folks, I am shedding my fur for winter. I am worse than zanzamittens at this point. There are hundreds of hair strands on the floor around my desk….and that’s not a hyperbole.

I can narrow it down to one of two reasons: (1) aging, or the most probable, (2) stress. More research is needed at this point.

My bullet journal has these words of wisdom to take to heart. It’s been a stressful week. I’ve fallen into the A-type pattern of thinking if I fail the PE, then I am no good at my job. I have to keep reminding myself, that is not the case. Maybe in two months I’ll be thinking I’m a bonehead for studying too much. 

Of course, failure doesn’t FEEL like the best way to learn. As the ship goes down, I prefer to cradle the burning remains in my palms until everyone’s suffering (mainly, me). But hey, don’t say I didn’t try. 

“Tomorrow, 600,000 feathers are gonna fall from the sky

There’s no way in hell we’re going to catch them all but somebody tell me 

We’re at least gonna try.” 

Trying to remember that I can’t do everything.

 Madewell jeans in black. Medium rise. $130 and worth it since I wear them everywhere. They are my go-to jeans. I have a similar pair of crops one size smaller and I highly suggest sizing up if you’re in the middle. So stretchy and with room for sweets! 

American Eagle button-up. I’ve had this shirt since grad school from a socially awkward moment when I asked the employee about it, and they took it directly off the manikin. I thought it was largely overpriced at $25 but how could I tell them it fit but I didn’t want it for that outrageous price? It’s been a good purchase and a work staple.

Hair flower. A Forever-21 remnant from when I had a pixie cut.

Blowfish flats. On sale. About in their last season before falling apart.

Working: Listening to a conference call about pipe embedment and trench repairs under existing flexible pavement for a conveyance project. 

Listening: Google music Anthemic Indie Dance Party which is my new Indie Apartment Party.

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