caturday nostalgia & PE prep

It’s been a loooooong long long longlonglonglong 6 months. It didn’t really hit me until last night–how much of the last 6 months I’ve spent stressing and worrying about the PE exam. 

My instagram has been a montage of Zanzamittens kindly requesting more attention by inserting herself on top of anything I am studying.

I’ve even tried the second-book-fake-out. Naturally she is not phased. She will move to any place my pen happens to be…and then gets irritated when I try to write there. She’s got the temperament of, well, me. #catspirit

The studying has been… nostalgic. And fun. In a way. I’ve been able to hang out at home, go to cafes, and get back to the me that I’m familiar with. The me who knows everyone at university (hyperbole), that loves to socialize and study, do activism and enjoy politics over brunch at the student center. I would drive home for the weekend to eat Olive Garden with my mom and read into early hours in the morning. I loved being single. The me that might not do the best out of everyone, but got results from hard work. A confident me.

This confident me doesn’t have to be a high-glamour me. I rocked the high bun last weekend. No stress, no mess.

I am sure after this week, that my coworkers will be very happy when I talk about something other than the PE.

(No, I didn’t wear this to work.)

To other engineers: Take the FE or PE already! You can never do it too early. Don’t wait until you forget all those formulas and core engineering concepts. Just like a half marathon, I didn’t think I could do it this year until I signed up for it and realized…I had to do the prep. Not without a few “Oh, what have I gotten myself into?”s.

Listening: Hozier, Adele playlist
Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Working: Reviewing daily maximum demand of water extracted from a small river next to a small town in Oregon. It’s part of submitting a water rights survey to the state.

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