Live Interview!! Women in Engineering | Mechanical & Civil

Brianne from The People Engineer sat down with Jess (STEMinine Vlog) and me to discuss how we got into engineering! We geek out a little bit about our jobs (how cool is combustion engineering?!!) and chat about how we got into our current career paths!

What really speaks to me is that we have a lot of similar answers and experiences even though we’re from different engineering specializations and career paths! I spent all day thinking about how we tell girls “go into engineering if you’re good at math and science” and those were none of the competencies that we thought of when the question was asked! Maybe we automatically consider those givens in engineering but…. maybe those hardcore math skills are just less important than an engineer’s people skills! Hmmm. Thoughts?

Feel free to jump around and ask questions in the comments below. I know some of it was laggy–I’m still blaming the hotel internet….. Thanks for collaborating with me ladies!

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