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A collaborative endeavor to support girls in STEM.

Pump Curve Women’s Tank Top – Heather Blue – Sizes XS, M, L left!

I am so excited to tell you guys about this girl’s tank top. It says ‘Real Pumps Have Curves’ and it’s amazingly soft!! A female engineer friend and I created this shirt to support girls in STEM. Plus, who doesn’t love a triple pun?! Puns on puns on puns. For everything you ever wanted to know about pump curves, see my blog post here.


Want a tank?

I have a incredibly limited supply of tanks available from sizes XS to L. Each shirt will send $5 to Girls, Inc. The sizes run pretty true-to-size. See this sizing chart for more detail. Shirts are $35 and you can obtain one by contacting me here.

XS – I am wearing the XS tank. 105 lbs, 5′ tall
Razor back tank

Hi nerds! This page is where I’ll have some more cool merch in the future. The dream is to donate all profits to groups that support girls and STEM. 

“Suppose you came across a woman lying on the street with an elephant sitting on her chest. You notice she is short of breath. Shortness of breath can be a symptom of heart problems. In her case, the much more likely cause is the elephant on her chest. 

For a long time, society put obstacles in the way of women who wanted to enter the sciences. That is the elephant. Until the playing field has been leveled and lingering stereotypes are gone, you can’t even ask the question.”

~Sally Ride

Are you an organization that fits the model? I would love to partner with you! Send me your contact information on the Contact Me page.


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