rigging up some fun

I’m working on a geology&geochemistry post and getting ready for some hydrogeology field work! In the meantime, I wanted to show you this video. 😀 Imagine the middle aged white dude is me in about a week! #riglife

By the way… the featured picture is a wellhead I took at a site in Texas. The large part on the right is a motor (the submersible pump is down in the well). The smaller piece sticking out of the discharge piping is a pressure relief valve. All that insulated smaller pipe is part of the pre-lube system which is designed to keep the lineshaft bearings slick as you’re turning on the wellpump. It’s neat to me that we engineer this whole prelube system for only a few seconds of use at the beginning of well startup! Cost-wise, it pays for itself in wear&tear on the lineshaft.

C&C ROCKS from John Rousseau on Vimeo.

Working: Submitting a rates adjustment request so that our massive project designing a reservoir is making more than a $0 gross margin. Sometimes we put our clients first so much that we forget we’re a business who likes to pay it’s bills. Whoops!

Reading: Subtitles for La Reina del Sur for my spanish class. Pausing the telenovela every 3.4 seconds to catch up on my translation…which is up from a week ago where I paused every 1.6 seconds. Yes, I made those statistics up.

Listening: Musica Espanol which is a google music station I created based on some of those fun songs I heard on KUTX on Sunday evening! Want to join in and listen with me this Sunday?

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