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Hi nerds! Are you following STEMinine yet!? Jess is a badass femme doing her PhD in Zurich in mechanical engineering! On top of her rigorous university schedule, she’s passionate about inspiring girls in STEM–which makes her a superhero to me! She is such an inspiration to me with her enthusiasm, quality content, and all around badass-ery!! I feel so honored to be apart of her Women in STEM series. Check it out below!

Water Resources Engineering – wastewater, drinking water, stormwater, hydraulics, hydrology, treatment, groundwater etc. ! I do all types of fun work.

Rudy, Monica, and I

Some notes about the video!

DPS 6 – Drainage Pump Station 6 – a stormwater drainage pumping system that’s super unique to New Orleans because it’s below sea level — which means every time it rains, the city has to pump water out of city over the levees (which protect the city during river flooding or hurricanes).

Bearing housing

one of our mechanical engineers realized that we were asking “what the heck is a babbit?!” too much and gave us a short presentation to explain it all to us! 😛 This is the bearing housing slide.

Vertical lathe – machine that rotates the workpiece so the tool can strip exact slices of metal off the circumference of the workpiece.

Pump motors – powers the shaft which powers the pump.

Temperature gun – these infrared thermometers were used to determine how hot the bearings got while in use. I walked around taking measurements before the pump started, during, and as it slowed down. I’m not quite sure what the mechanical designers used the data for, so I’ll have to ask!

Suction-side piping – These drainage pumps are SO HUGE that you can’t see the full pump. This is just the piping that pulls from canals in New Orleans to discharge out into Lake Pontchartrain.

Downhole geophysics in borehole – the drillers run piping out of the groundwater borehole so that we can insert a small camera downhole. Then I sit in the truck and watch them log the lithology of the borehole with a caliper, natural gamma radiation, and resistivity equipment. Among other methods! Here’s a bit of an explanation of what you can see from the log.

Fertilizer from Biosolids plant – Check out this old post that describes the dewatering process of biosolids and how it’s just like chocolate cake! Haha 😛

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